Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hunting season

yesterday I get a text from my dad....

"Dane (my little 5 year old brother) said that he doesn't need to go to school anymore because they got to 'Z' today in the alphabet!"

silly kid.

wouldn't it be nice if we could all be kids again for one day? When all that mattered was selling lemonade and playing house.

& getting all the easter eggs on EASTER.

oh wait. we still think we are kids.  or at least MOM still thinks we are kids.... but I tell ya, Easter is quite the little party at our house. & it gets pretty competitive! 


I would love to be my neighbor on Easter. watching all of us OLD KIDS runnin around the yard.  Sometimes even pushing each other over for some jelly beans. just kidding. There's more than just jelly beans in them.  CINNAMON bears this year!
:) my fave.

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